ASSBT Biennial Meeting – Feb. 27 – March 2, 2023 in Savannah, GA

Extended Abstract / Proceeding Guidelines

Papers usually will include the following sections: Introduction and Objective(s), Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, and (if appropriate) Literature Cited. These headings need not be used, but the paper should incorporate each of these. Tables and Figures may be included; they should be integrated into the text where appropriate. For the Proceedings, your paper will be reproduced as you submit it, so please take care to lay out the paper to minimize wasted space.

  • Begin with a heading that lists the paper title – center, use all capitals and bold-face the full title.
  • Space down twice after the title and type authors and mailing addresses of all authors. Center, this information and use the format similar to the Short Abstract; with the exceptions being: (1) do not capitalize the entire author(s) name; (2) the first author’s name should be first name, last name; (3) type address(es) under author(s) name(s) and (4) place an asterisk after the name of the presenter (if single author – asterisk not necessary)
  • Double-space down below this information and begin the paper (i.e., do not use a full sheet of paper just for the heading)
  • Do not leave a space between indented paragraphs under the same topic.
  • If possible, Tables and Figures should be included at an appropriate position in the text.

Please submit all Extended Abstracts as either a PDF.  If you need examples please look at our past Proceedings.  Extended Abstracts/Proceedings are due one week after the end of the meeting.