29th Beet Sugar Agriculture School

Monday, July 25 - Friday, July 29, 2022

Beet Sugar Agriculture School

The Beet Sugar Agriculture School is sponsored and directed by the Beet Sugar Development Foundation on behalf of the Member and Associate Member Companies. It is a self-sustaining school of agriculture technology and practice.


The purpose of the school is to provide to its students the basics of sugar beet production, as well as the latest technology and practices.  The course will concentrate on, but not be exclusive to, that area of the country in which it is being held in any year.  The school should increase the knowledge and heighten the awareness of its students to circumstances they may encounter in the area of sugar beet production.


There are no educational requirements for students.  However, the courses will be taught at a college level.  Course materials will be made available for student study and for future information.

Students are enrolled on the proposal of Regular or Associate Member Companies of the Beet Sugar Development Foundation.  The BSDF Executive Vice President approves attendance of non-member company students on the following basis: space availability and tuition surcharge of $400 per student

Prospective students will submit an online enrollment form found at this link.   An Enrollment form will need to be submitted by April 23, 2022.

General Information

Unless other advance arrangements are made with the BSDF by the student and his/her company, all students will be housed at Fairfield Inn & Suites, 902 Winter Creek Drive, Scottsbluff, NE (Room reservations will be made by the Beet Sugar Development Foundation for each student attending classes).  Classes will also be held at the hotel. Registration will be on Monday July 25th, at 7:00 A.M. in the meeting room.

Breakfast is included in the tuition.  Lunch and dinner will be provided on Wednesday, July 27th.  Companies should provide students with an expense account for meals, other than the above.  Reasonable meals are available near the hotel, with both franchised and local eating establishments for a variety of tastes.  Please do not make any travel arrangements on Friday, July 29th, before 3:00pm.

Based on a total of 25 students, the cost per student will be $1900 single occupancy for five hotel nights.  The price will be adjusted for additional hotel nights and if the class size varies significantly from the estimated 25 students. This, of course, does not included meals (other than those stated above) and transportation.

The instructors will be paid transportation costs, cost of food and lodging while they are in residence and a daily stipend.

General Plan of Courses

The course will concentrate on sugarbeet seed production and processing.  Appropriate reference materials will be provided.

 Auditors will not be permitted in the classes, other than school officials, instructors and executives of Member and Associate Member Companies of BSDF. Credits are offered from CEU.


Anna Murphy
Executive Vice President