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Optimizing energy and water efficiency using online pan camera CrystObserver®.


Image processing techniques are now widely applied in many sugar factories willing to optimize process control.  With its exceptional video quality and image analysis, the Crystobserver® follows the crystal growth in Real-Time. It detects particles from 4 μm and checks the seeds enter the pan at the right time to avoid uncontrolled nucleation. There is no waste of time or energy before confirming the presence of adequate grain and their development. Any false grain occurring later in the process is detected and water usage is reduced by controlling the remelt. Operators seeing the impact of a parameter modification directly on the crystal size can accordingly establish the best possible sequences to stabilize the massecuite production with a reduced number of fines and better MA and CV.  These improvements not only increase pan yield, stability and quality, but they also minimize strike time and costly recycling. They directly translate into benefits from water and energy savings to packing and conditioning enhancements.