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2017 Biennial Meeting  -  Program


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February 28, 2017

General Session

Regency C, D, D2  

9:00     Call to Order: 
Robert Hatch
            President - ASSBT
Organic Defoamer Group 

9:05     Welcome and Announcements:
            Greg Dean
            General Program Chairman
            The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC 

9:10     MISBT – Rick Mont – Director of McGinnis Institute of Sugar Beet Technology

9:20     IIRB - Alexandre Quillet – Administrative Council



9:30     Andrew Harker – Vice President, The Randall Group. “Preempting Vermont, Implementing Federal Ag Biotech Disclosure"  

10:15   Sylvia Rowe – President, SR Strategy, LLCRepainting Today's Food Landscape 


11:00   Questions and Answers for Panel:
            Greg Dean, Moderator


Panel sponsored, in part, by the Corsberg, Grinde,

Shemilt Memorial Fund*

*Three Holly Sugar Corporation executives, Jack Corsberg (Operations), Harold Grinde (Environmental Affairs) and Gordon Shemilt (Commodity Supply) were killed in an airplane crash while enroute to inspect a coal mine which was supplying coal to one of its factories.  A fund was set up with contributions from company staff, other industry members and associated industry suppliers to honor the memory of these three respected sugar industry members.  The fund was created to provide funding to encourage guest speakers for selected Beet Sugar Development Foundation or American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists meetings or schools.


11:15   11:15   President’s Address:  Mr. Robert Hatch


11:30   11:30   Recognition of Thomas K. Schwartz 28 Years of Service with ASSBT and BSDF

11:40   Reports:  Paul Pfenninger, Executive Vice President

                             Committees Announcements