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Paul Pfenninger  -  Executive Vice President
Thomas K. Schwartz  -  Senior Vice President
Aimee Dokes  - Administrative Assistant mailto:
Eileen Eckert  -  Business Manager
Rick Mont  -  Director, MIBST


800 Grant Street, #300

Denver CO 80203

(303) 832-4460



The Beet Sugar Development Foundation (BSDF) is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Executive Vice President, Mr. Paul Pfenninger, as of July 1, 2016.  Mr. Pfenninger will be replacing Mr. Thomas Schwartz who has been Executive Vice President of the BSDF since 1988.  Mr. Schwartz has decided to retire effective July 31, 2016, however will continue with the BSDF on a part-time basis to facilitate the transition.   We are looking forward to this new season for the Foundation. 

Mr. Pfenninger comes with 38 years of service to the sugarbeet industry.  He spent his entire career in Michigan while serving on various industry boards including BSDF, West Coast Beet Seed Company (WCBSC) and American Society of Sugarbeet Technologist (ASSBT).  He has been an instructor in both the Beet Sugar Processing School and the Beet Sugar Agricultural School of BSDF. Locally, he is past Campaign Chair for the United Way and has been active in Junior Achievement and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Mr. Pfenninger retired from Michigan Sugar Company as its Vice President of Agriculture in January of 2016.  He is married with four adult children and has six grandchildren.  He enjoys the outdoors while gardening and hunting are his passions. 

In this position, Mr. Pfenninger will be interacting with the many Agricultural and Processing organizations and societies that are so important to the Beet Sugar industry.  He will be working closely with the Director of the MISBT Processing Schools and leading the MISBT Agricultural School.  Mr. Pfenninger will also be working closely with the Sustaining Member companies and the members of the ASSBT and also with both the BSDF and ASSBT boards of directors.  He looks forward to continuing the close working relationship between the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Services and with the many Land Grant Universities in sugarbeet producing states.  Advancing sugarbeet production and beet processing through science and education is his goal and the overall goal of the Beet Sugar Development Foundation. 

Mr. Pfenninger will be coordinating all BSDF activities through the Denver office while maintaining his residence in Michigan.  Paul can be reached by calling the BSDF office in Denver at 303-832-4460 or at or on his cell phone, 989-225-6719.  Mr. Schwartz will retain his current cell phone number 303-883-4490 and email and can be reached through the Denver BSDF office.




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   American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists

     Facilitating the Exchange of Technical Information in

     Beet Sugar Processing and Sugarbeet Production